Detailing Services
All prices are subject to change based on vehicles colour, size and condition extra charges will apply
Pit Stop Wax + polish  -  $90
  • External Wash
  • Chamois Dry / Tyre Shine
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Dashboard Wiped
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Vehicle Deodorised
  • Door & Boot Jams Cleaned
  • Boot Vacuumed
  • Dashboard, Console & all Vinyl Surfaces Cleaned
  • Paintwork Hand Polished
  • Exterior Plastic Surfaces Dressed
Leather Clean + Conditioning Treatment  -  $240
Leather seats and interior are trims are cleaned with a soap that preserves the natural oils in the hide
We then apply a cream that softens and protects the leather.
Its recommended that leather is cleaned every six months

Detailing specialist
All prices are subject to change based on vehicles colour ,size and condition extra charges will apply
If you are selling your car, just bought one second hand or even thinking about a spruce up , bring it back to its original condition with these great services.
Paint,Fabric, Leather and Vinyl Protection
The most punishing element to your vehicle's interior is you and your passengers. Our Interior protection guards against life's little accidents including food and drink spills, dirty feet and children.

Window Tinting
Drive in cool comfort and enjoy the benefits that window tinting offers including 99% U.V. rejection, 60% glare reduction.
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